How To Run Bots on a Mac

Are you tired of running bots and software on your personal or home computer? Maybe you are using a Mac and would like to run Windows software?

If so, I have got the perfect solution for you.

Affordable Windows VPS is now an affiliate with one of the best Windows VPS providers out there to help you get up and running.

What is a VPS?

A VPS Is a virtual machine/computer that runs remotely (meaning you can log into the computer using your mac).

A VPS runs its very own copy of the Windows operating system, and you have access to that operating system, so you can run any software that runs Windows.

You can access this virtual machine quickly and easily using remote desktop. Instructions below.

Available Packages:

Windows VPSs Packages.

Coupon Code:

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Suggested Package:

I suggest using the following package if you are going to be using the VPS for software.

  • Tier 4 Package (2 Cores, 4.5 Gigs of Ram, 90 GB Hard Drive, 400 Mbps Transfer Speed, Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Windows 2012 Server

How To Connect To The Booster VPS:

If you are using a Mac to connect to the VPS you are first going to need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application in order to connect to the machine. You can download the application for free HERE. (Note: Some different Mac OS use other types of remote desktop software. If one does not work try to find a different one.)

If you are using Windows you can simply open your Remote Desktop Connection Application by clicking on Start and navigating to the application.

Once you have the remote desktop application open you will then need to type in the proper credentials to connect which will be issued after your purchase.

If you need assistance getting your VPS started and loaded with the appropriate software then assistance is provided free via live chat, email, or skype.