New Updates & Releases + Promo Code!

Hot New Releases:

FB Booster – Stop wasting time manually marketing on Facebook. Instead, automate your Facebook marketing efforts with the FB Booster! Currently 12 Different Powerful Modules to Help Take Your Facebook Marketing To The Next Level.

Instagram Hashtag Explorer – Quickly and easily extract post count data on hashtags/keywords you load into the software. The Instagram Tag Explorer will save you tons of time by automatically loading your hashtag list and extracting the post count for each hashtag while saving them into an easy to read .csv file for reference. Get it while the price is low! Price will increase when new features are added.

Soundcloud BoosterStart Boosting Your Soundcloud Presence Today! Scrape Usernames, Follow Users, and Unfollow Users, and Extract Emails Automatically.

Instagram Photo RipperQuickly and easily download photos from Instagram using a specific username or a list of keywords. The Instagram Photo Ripper will automatically scrape and download the photos into specific folders by on the username or keyword name for easy reference.

New Software Updates:

*** Poshmark Booster v2.4 Update – 7/27/2016 ***

  • Added ability to share listings to a party in the Share To Party module. You can share listings from Your Feed, Your Closet, or Party to an open Poshmark Party.

For more information visit: Poshmark Booster

*** Instagram Promoter v3.0 Update *** – 07/07/2016

  • Added option to only extract post author usernames using the Post Username Extractor module.

For more information visit: Instagram Promoter

*** Society6 Bot v4.5 Update *** – 07/24/2016

  • Re-coded a lot of the modules due to Society6 on site code changes.
  • Combined the two modules “Listing Promote + Follow” and “Listing Comment + Promote” modules into one module called the “Listing Promote + Follow + Comment”. Now you don’t have to use two separate modules to do all the interactions on a listing.
  • Removed Popular Rank Checker module to reduce bot size and increase stability because it was not really being used by customers. (Note: If you are really interested in this module let me know and I will give you a custom bot for checking the rank on your listings)
  • Updated instructions on product page and will try to get new updated video tutorials released soon.
  • Replaced Browser.

For more information visit: Society6 Bot

Need Custom Software?

I also develop private custom automated software that can automate nearly any web tasks. If you have an idea or method you would like software for then please take a moment to fill out a quote request form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Click here for the quote request form.

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