Poshmark Booster v3.2 Update

*** Poshmark Booster v3.2 – 11/14/2017 ***.

  • Added ability to scrape listings and usernames by type (All, Closet, Boutique)
  • Fixed bug in Listing & Username Scraper that was not properly sorting listings by availability.
  • Added a new module called the Scraper/Auto Mode. This module will auto scrape listings based on your search preferences and then if you choose to follow, share, or like it will perform those actions automatically.
  • Added the ability to load previously used search settings to get started much quicker next time you load the software.
  • Ability to only scrape & save listings/usernames for use with other programs such as the Poshmark Lead Harvester.
  • Skips sharing sold listings.
  • Choose how many listings to share per user on the Auto Mode module.
  • Removed listing commenter module.
  • Fixed UnFollower Scraper module due to changes in on-site source code.
  • Fixed Follower Scraper module due to changes in on-site source code.

For more information please visit: Poshmark Booster