Fbook Group Email Inviter


Are you tired of manually adding people to your Facebook group via email?

Automate your group invites with the Fbook Group Email Inviter.

Easily load your list of emails you would like to invite to your group then sit back and relax while the software works it’s magic by automatically adding these people to your Facebook group.

Lifetime License + Free Updates Included!



Video Tutorial:

(If you are having issues playing the video try right clicking on it and then clicking “show controls” or “play”)

Current Version v2.3 – Updated 04/27/2017



  • Automatically Invite People To Your Group via Email Lists.
  • Random Min-Max Wait Times.
  • Proxy Support.
  • Easy To Use Interface.
  • Free Updates + Lifetime License!


  • Click on the Account Settings tab.
  • Enter your Facebook email address in the box labeled Facebook Email.
  • Enter your Facebook password in the box labeled Facebook Password.
  • If you are using a proxy be sure to check the box labeled Use Proxy and then enter your proxy ip:port in the box labeled Proxy: ip:port.
  • Click the green Login To Facebook button and wait for the Login Done prompt.
    • After you are done logging in you can now move on to the next module and start sending out invites. (This is because you need to be logged into an account in order to send invites and access facebook)

Facebook Group Email Inviter:

  • Click on the Choose File button under the label Open Email List and load the email list you would like to invite. Note: Be sure to only load .csv or .txt files with 1 email per line.
  • Enter the Facebook group URL in the box labeled Enter Group URL.
  • Enter the max amount of emails you want to send for the current run in the box labeled Max Emails To Add To Group.
  • Enter a minimum and maximum wait time in seconds you would like the bot to wait after each email is added in the boxes labeled Min Wait (sec) and Max Wait (sec). Note: The bot will pick a random time to wait between those two numbers each time it adds someone to the group.
  • Click Run and wait for the Fbook Group Email Inviter done prompt.

Software Tips:

  • Be sure to make a backup of the email list you are loading into the software if you want to save the emails you are sending out to. This is because after each email has been used by the bot it will remove it from your list then save the file. This way the bot will leave off on the last email it sent for each run you do.
  • Facebook has limitations on the amount of email invites you can send per day. This can vary depending on account age and how established your account is. Be sure not to go over these limitations. If you do it can result in a notification from Facebook or even a ban. Use the software with your due diligence in mind as it has not been developed for spamming. Split test to find what works best for you.
  • This is related to the statement above. Use your best judgement for wait times and be sure to have an adequate amount of time for your delays.

Recent Updates:

Fbook Group Email Inviter v2.3 Updated – 4/27/2017

  • Updated to new browser framework.

Fbook Group Email Inviter v2.2 Updated – 5/18/2016

  • Updated User Interface to New Design.

Fbook Group Email Inviter v2.1 Updated – 5/16/2016

  • Updated main module to not wait after an invalid email is found, instead it will skip and move to the next email without waiting.

Fbook Group Email Inviter v2.0 Updated – 5/14/2016

  • Fixed bug in if statement which checks if all emails are sent from list.
  • Updated browser for more streamlined performance.

Bot Resources & Requirements:

Additional information

License Length

$39.99/Lifetime License

License Quanity

Included/1 PC License, +$15/2 PC License, +$30/3 PC License


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