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Revolutionize Your Marketing

Paigham Bot is a stand alone product that can turn a new brand into a successful business; generating traffic to websites, mass market messaging, and lead generation-targeting only the audience you want.

  • Find, Locate & Identify Your Prospects
  • Post Market Messaging-Contact Form Submitter
  • Acquire Social Account Data & Leads
  • Acquire Phone Numbers & Email Addresses.
  • Powerful Short Codes To Personalize Your message
  • Awesome Mutli-Threading Options
  • Search & Smart Niche Filtering For Targeted Campaigns
  • Multiple Posting Variations-Send 100% Unique Messages

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Do you need the ability to mass market your business or service to other companies or sites online? Paigham Bot is a revolutionary marketing application that can find any targeted niche and put you in direct contact with millions of potential customers .

Find Targeted Audience

Powerful audience identification process to identify targeted prospects with our advanced search filtering process. Find Websites, phone numbers, emails and social media accounts easily.

 Post Market Messaging

Identify your audience, and Paigham Bot will then deliver a custom message to your targeted niche. Supports spin-text for 100% unique messages. Watch as your message returns results.

 Reach Out To The World

Paigham Bot is the only application that has the ability to put you in contact with millions of online businesses and services. Spread your message to the whole world…

 Perfect For Targeted Marketing

Need Business Intelligence? Paigham Bot has the ability to return exact match, broad and phrase results according to your needs.

 High Success Rates

Tired of only a 7-10% open rate with traditional email marketing campaigns? Our application contacts to the contact form of your prospects website. These forms traditionally have a 90-95% open rate!

 Reporting Features

Paigham Bot records and logs all events: identification of prospects, post-market messaging with details on successful -vs-unsuccessful submissions. Generate a complete lead data sheet.


Get Paigham Bot today and start effectively marketing your business.

Get Paigham Bot By Clicking Here

Please Note: Booster Bots is a partnered affiliate for the Paigham Bot software. If you need support for this software be sure to use their support system.

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